Who We Are

Save Next Summer is the brainchild of two California camp directors, Mike "Otter" Stillson of Valley Trails Summer Camp and Andy "Soy" Moeschberger of Gold Arrow Camp. They work together on camp advocacy through the Western Association of Independent Camps (WAIC) and the California Collaboration For Youth

Through that work, they realized that camps needed a tool to help their camp communities advocate on behalf of camps. They saw that camp professionals had exhausted their avenues to ask for help. Camps needed to turn to their camp communities. 

Prior to living his best life as a Camp Director, Soy spent 14 years as a high school government teacher, and has a passion for helping teach young people how to participate in government. He realized that he could build a website to help campers (and their parents) do that for camps. 

Thus, Save Next Summer was born. 

Mike Stillson Sticker.png

Mike "Otter" Stillson is the Executive Director of Valley Trails Summer Camp, a day camp which operates two sites in southern California, both of which operated successfully and safely in the summer of 2020. 

He also serves as the President of WAIC and sits on the board of the California Collaboration For Youth. 

He is a proud dad and husband, who’s kids have grown up going to camp and are currently working as camp staff when not in school.  He loves to travel, explore, and simply be a big kid.

Andy Moeschberger Sticker.png

Andy "Soy" Moeschberger is a Camp Director at Gold Arrow Camp, a traditional resident camp in central California which did not operate in 2020. 

He has been with Gold Arrow since 2008, serves on the SoCal/Hawaii ACA Local Council of Leaders (as the Government Relations chair), the WAIC board, and the board of the California Collaboration For Youth. He is also currently a Pre-K and 2nd grade education supervisor for his two daughters as they learn on zoom.

In his spare time, Soy enjoys woodworking, eating pizza, and collecting Pez dispensers. The pride of his collection is the "Pezidents", a collection of all of the US Presidents in Pez dispenser form.