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  1. What changes did you make to operate either to your program or your camper capacity?
    We looked at every aspect of our operation and realized that we could do most of it, with proper planning and safety guidelines. From bus transportation (one child per seat, unless siblings or same quaran-circle), to instructional swim (instructors stayed on the deck, while counselors assisted campers), to electives (groups of up to 20 were given two choices, and split accordingly), to lunch (individually wrapped and served), to assemblies (groups kept apart on large field), to protocols in the office, health center, handwashing stations, converted water fountains to water-bottle filling stations, a super-busy “clean team”, and so much more.

  2. How did you deal with COVID exposures?
    The affected group (counselor tested positive) was kept home for two weeks. That’s it. No issues around it, except for high emotions.

  3. How well did it work?
    We had 700+ campers and 200+ staff per day, and could have probably had more. For all involved, it was “the most gratifying summer experience in their lives”

  4. What was the impact on campers?
    They were so happy. After months of quarantine and virtual schooling, they were allowed to be kids once again- and they bounced back quickly. To quote many parents, “They returned back to the children we knew, after only a couple of days of camp”

Hear From Parents

“I can’t thank you enough, it’s what we all have needed after months of being on top of each other inside. I can’t thank you enough for having camp this summer and enduring all the stress of implementing accommodations to allow our kids to be kids, even if just for a few weeks. This experience will be priceless and I hope help them not only physically but also psychologically get through this unprecedented time. Thank you for all you and your staff are doing...it definitely isn’t going unnoticed. Thanks a million times over”

"You forged on. You knew it was the right thing to do by the kids. The camp established protocols that worked and gave the kids their summer back. It could be said that it was limited in certain ways, but I don't believe that. As a society we were already limited and offering a piece of normalcy gave the kids a chance to be kids. For that, our family is forever grateful."